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FIRST Robotics Competition

This program offers high school students an experience into the realm of engineering, computer science, and robotics.

Starting in early January, students are given six weeks to design and construct a fully functioning 120 pound robot. This robot has to be able to compete against other robots in some sort of sport-like game. Teams compete in alliances of three, and have to defeat other alliances to move on. Each match the alliances are different, so an opponent one match may be an ally in the next match. This inspires gracious professionalism among students. Each year the game is different, and it takes a lot of teamwork, mentorship, and ingenuity to successfully compete.

One of the most critical components of FRC are the mentors. These are professionals who volunteer their time to help students learn and be successful. They share their expertise free of charge to students in our club, creating a unique opportunity for students to gain technical or business experience even before they enter college!

To learn more about FRC, visit the official website.

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